Service Design Consulting

Albert is a design professional with academic studies in Human Factors, Ergonomics, Engineering Psychology at The Tufts University School of Engineering, Research experience at the IBM Research Center for Social Software, and fabrication and construction experience as CEO and Founder of Hall Environments, Inc. 

As an early adopter of Service Design Thinking with experience across digital platforms and the built environment, Albert C. Nichols offers Service Design consulting services across different mediums of interacation. 

Service Design, the design of interactions that occur between people and physical evidence (anything from an email message to a table or checkout line) or between people and other people (both staff and other customers), is a groundbreaking methodolgy to assess and nurture your service business. These interactions occur in sequences that create experiences. Albert C. Nichols, as a part of Hall, offers first hand experience in creating these experiences through a variety of media: The Built Environment, Digital Experiences, and Staff Interaction.


The built environment, interior materials, and furniture are all important interaction points when creating a service experience. We offer first hand experience in designing, selecting, and procuring services and FF&E to build physical touch points as a part of your service experience.


Combining digital capabilities with staff, access control systems, or retail systems can prove challenging. Our team


We offer staff training, role play activities, and co-creative activities to create a holistic design experience while documenting all stakeholders in your service experience.

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