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  • Define: Good Business

    Good Businesses are hard to come by. It is something personal yet calculated. A Good Business is the ice cream place you always went to as a kid. It's the company you don't fully understand, but think they're onto something. It's the coffee and bagel shop near school with terrible service, but "the best" breakfast sandwiches turn it into a place you full-heartedly reccomend. A Good business is the newsletter that you actually open in your inbox. A Good Business provides value, whether that value is emtional, material, social, or other. Above all, a Good Business is hard to define.

    This category -- Good Business -- will be my atttempt to document the Good Businesses I've encountered in my life. 

    The first Good Business isn't even profitable to my knowledge.  

    730DC is 

    "a daily email newsletter that connects young Washington to their city and each other. Each morning at 7:30 a.m., the newsletter cuts through a fragmented local news space to deliver the most relevant news and events in D.C."

    While this might seem like a micro Thrillist, I gaurantee you it is not. This newsletter tells you "what to know" and "what to do". Quality and care as to what is inlcuded is what makes the daily newsletter most valuable and differentiates it from everything else out there. Whether the event they list is up your alley or not, the commentary and context draws you in and reminds yourself of where you fit in among other goings-on in DC.

    It is with impressive consistency that the authors deliver information that light is not shed on elsewhere. Ben Thompson wrote about Blogging's Bright Future730DC is a shining example of that future.  I am a happy subcriber of Ben's newsletters and in a survey 730DC sent out last week, I noted I would happily pay to have the same daily newsletter in Boston. Yes, you read that right, I don't even live in DC. I visit a lot and picked it up when looking for things to do.  

    This is certainly not a paid endorsement, nor did anyone even ask my opinion. That is one of the virtues of a Good Business. The customers who see them as such, will advocate for them with passion and creativity that is hard to replicate.