July 21, 2020

Chasing the Bottom Line

... and letting it dictate how you spend your time.

On April 7th, I was lucky enough to be asked to return to a class I TAd when I was in college at Tufts University.  ELS-107, taught by Pamela Stepp, is a class designed to help students develop their knowledge, confidence, skills, and self-image necessary to pursue entrepreneurial ventures. It is also a source of inspiration and energy in the art and science of taking visions and bringing them to reality.

The opportunity was an impotus for me to get thoughts I had running around in my head into a "coherent" form. Unfortunately I wasn't able to record the talk (camera crashed) but I've posted the visuals (see below).  

This talk focused on being aware of the time that passes every day, how you choose to spend it, and how you should be choosing to spend it. It's about finding your "Bottom Line" and letting it dictate how you spend your time.

If you're curious what the words behind them were, reach out. I'd be happy to let you know.

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